Understanding Market Downturns

Northeast Financial Group wants you to know that you have a trusted fiduciary partner in your corner, especially during times of market volatility.  This valuable partnership also extends to your Plan’s participants, many of which may be new to investing or be generally passive when it comes to long term planning. Your employees may (or may not) understand that market fluctuations are somewhat common and, more importantly, usually recover in a short amount of time.  Having a diverse portfolio, set up for the long-term, is still the greatest form of retirement savings in the long run.  

We have put together a document that may help allay some of the fears that employees may have with regard to their retirement plans.  Feel free to distribute this document to your employees.  A sample email that you may send out to your plan participants has been provided below for your convenience.  

If needed, we are happy to provide a simple review of individual investment choices.

Financial Wellness Program

We understand your financial goals are unique to you, and your path to achieving them requires careful goal-setting, diligent planning, and ongoing monitoring of your investment decisions.