Wealth Management Center

Simplify your financial data and maximize your net worth with a comprehensive, easy-to-use website designed specifically for you.

The NEFG Wealth Management Center is the easiest way to consolidate all of your financial data in one place for ease of reporting and tracking:

  • No need to login into multiple websites to access all of your financial information.
  • Add accounts via a live data feed that ensures the most accurate and updated overview of your finances.
  • Your money cannot be moved, withdrawn or accessed via our system.
  • The most advanced security features and protocols are utilized to keep your data safe, private and secure.

Our Wealth Management Center provides you with the tools to view and better analyze your entire portfolio of investments, all in one easy to use website.

Wealth Management Center Dashboard Overview


Contact NEFG for more information on how to obtain access to the Wealth Management Center.